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Business Name Business Type Email / Website Phone Location
Pines Propane Air Conditioning & Heat   631.597.9191 F. I. Pines
C. F. LaFountaine Appliance Sales & Service 631.597.6622 F. I. Pines
Walter Boss, Inc. Appliance Sales & Service   631.597.6262 F. I. Pines
Hal H. Hayes, AIA Architect 212.645.3475 New York City
Morton Newburgh Attorney   212.302.5101 New York City
Sip 'N Twirl Bar / Club 631.597.3599 F. I. Pines
C. F. LaFountaine Bottled Gas & Plumbing 631.597.6622 F. I. Pines
Pines Propane Bottled Gas & Plumbing   631.597.9191 F. I. Pines
Grove Gas Bottled Gas & Plumbing   631.597.9191 Cherry Grove
Guy Molzon Builders   631.767.6178 F. I. Pines
Matt Swan Builders   631.848.5744 F. I. Pines
Vincenzo Pepe Builders   631.597.6843
F. I. Pines
Walter Boss, Inc. Builders   631.597.6262 F. I. Pines
Bill Katen Builders   631.553.0037 F. I. Pines
John Morgan Builders   631.834.7416 F. I. Pines
King of Clean Car Wash Car Wash
631.563.3321 Bohemia
Michele & Company Catering Catering   718.383.3040 Brooklyn
Tony's Barge Debris-Refuse-Rolloff Service 631.589.2130 Sayville
Bri-Ko Electric & Solar Electrical Contractor   516.369.2097
Thomas F. Casazza (24 Hour Service) Electrical Contractor   631.589.2800 Sayville
Babico Electric Electrical Contractor
914.490.2173 F. I. Pines
Advance Pest Control Exterminator 631.654.8500 Patchogue
Team Pest Control, Inc. Exterminator 631.806.5039 Sayville
Steve Johnson Floor Refinishing   631.472.3721 Bayport
Beachscapes, Inc. Florist   631.597.3746
F. I. Pines
The Pines Pantry Food Stores 631.597.6200 F. I. Pines
Summer Solstice Gifts & Clothing   631.597.4200 F. I. Pines
TOLA. Gifts & Clothing   631.597.5525 F. I. Pines
Casswood Insurance Agency Insurance 212.593.4200 New York City
Percy Hoek, Inc. Insurance 631.589.4100 Sayville
Barrier Free Internet 800.982.3841 New York City
TPP Wireless Internet 631.302.6301 F. I. Pines
John C. Mayer, L.S. Land Surveyor   631.665.0780 Bayshore
Beachscapes, Inc. Landscape & Design   631.597.3746
F. I. Pines
Ruzicka Landscaping & Design Landscape & Design   631.872.6006 F. I. Pines
Houdek's Spirit Shop Liquor 631.472.1300 Bayport
J & J Spirit Shop Liquor 631.589.0078 Sayville
Pines Liquor Store Liquor   631.597.6442 F. I. Pines
Gino Chiapparelli Mortgages 917.696.5345 New York City
Matt Sullivan Painting Contractors 631.567.8446 F. I. Pines
Robert Fair Painting Painting Contractors   516.983.1668 Cherry Grove
Pines Propane Plumbing, Heating, A/C   631.597.9191 F. I. Pines
Roxayne Painting Contractors 631.597.9742 F. I. Pines
A Summer Place Realty Real Estate 631.597.6140 Cherry Grove
Bob Howard Real Estate, Inc. Real Estate 631.597.9400 F. I. Pines
D. Katen Real Estate 631.597.7000 F. I. Pines
Fire Island Properties, LTD Real Estate   631.597.7000 F. I. Pines
Island Properties of The Pines Real Estate 631.597.6900 F. I. Pines
Pines Harbor Realty Real Estate 631.597.7575 F. I. Pines
Shirley Munnell Real Estate Real Estate   631.597.6467 Cherry Grove
The Co-Ops Real Estate 631.209.2125 F. I. Pines
Vinnie Petrarca F.I. Real Estate Real Estate   917.710.1176 F. I. Pines
Mallory Square Restaurants   631.589.8628 Sayville
Pines Bistro Restaurants 631.597.6862 F. I. Pines
Pines Pizza Restaurants 631.597.3597 F. I. Pines
Top of the Bay Restaurants 631.597.6028 Cherry Grove
Belvedere Guest House For Men Rooms 631.597.6448 Cherry Grove
Horizon Beach House (Carla) Rooms   631.597.6278 Cherry Grove
Dependable Pools Swimming Pools   631.597.7748 Cherry Grove
GM Pools & Spas, Inc. Swimming Pools   631.597.4607 F. I. Pines
Perfect Pool & Patio by Jamie Swimming Pools   631.597.6107 F. I. Pines
Pines & Pool, Inc. Swimming Pools   631.597.6262 F. I. Pines
Pool Guy Swimming Pools   631.597.7565 F. I. Pines
Colonial Limo & Taxi Transportation / Limousine 631.589.3350
Fire Island Limo Transportation / Limousine 631.567.3333 Sayville
North Country Limo Transportation / Limousine   631.467.4400
Rainbow Rides Transportation / Limousine   631.737.7300 Patchogue
Sir Oliver Limousine Transportation / Limousine 631.585.1600 Bohemia
Sayville Ferry Service Transportation 631.286.4191 Sayville
Sayville Media Solutions, LLC. Web Design 631.513.3959 Sayville
Matt Sullivan F. I. Blinds, Inc Window Treatments   631.567.8446 F. I. Pines