Sayville Ferry Service

Connecting Long Island and Fire Island

The Sayville Ferry began the Fire Island run in 1894. For over one hundred years, Fire Island - with its wide ocean beaches, natural forests, wetlands and lively downtowns - has been an attraction for people from all over the world. Fire Island's central communities of Cherry Grove, Fire Island Pines, Water Island and Sailors Haven/Sunken Forest, a Fire Island National Seashore Park, are served by the Sayville Ferry, which is located on River Road in the South Shore hamlet of Sayville. Once on the island, the only means of transport is a hand-pulled wagon and the only rubber you burn is the soles of your shoes.

Fire Island Pines

Cherry Grove

A primarily gay community, the Fire Island Pines is in good part populated by members of the world of fashion and design. It is well-known for its upscale social life and beautiful harbor.

The scene is set for pure light-hearted fun in this high-spirited and primarily gay community that was named for a grove of wild cherry trees destroyed in the hurricane of 1938.

Sailors Haven

Water Island

This site blends Sunken Forest, a 300-year-old primeval holly forest, with Sailors Haven, a magnificent, wide ocean beach with all the amenities, including snack bar, picnic areas, lifeguards, restrooms and a marina.

Home to two hotels during the late 1800s and early 1900s catering to the likes of Teddy Roosevelt, Water Island has become a small private community of about 48 homes between The Pines and Davis Park.