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Passenger Security & Boarding Information

Smoking is not allowed on the docks or on the ferry.

Dogs must be leashed on the docks and on the ferries. Owners are responsible for their pets' actions and cleanliness.

With respect to the Unites States Coast Guard regulations, the following measures are now required: At nationally heightened security levels, personal items may be subject to inspection and picture ID may be checked.

Freight Restrictions

The crew handles all freight items. Due to the quantity, size, weight, space limitations, weather conditions, loading and unloading time and safety and convenience of all passengers, the crew may limit the amount of freight carried on a particular trip.

All luggage should have the owner's name. Two (2) pieces of hand luggage are allowed at no charge per passenger. Additional items will be charged a fee as posted at the ferry terminal. Shopping Carts are a minimum of $3.00.

Sayville Ferry Service will not be responsible for damaged items.

Our passenger ferries will not accept the following items: